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The Rashida are descendants of 19th-century immigrants from Saudi Arabia presently occupying the area centered around Kassala in Sudan, though occasionally traveling through the Eastern Desert to Shalateen. They usher large herds of camel from Sudan through the inhospitable terrain to sell them at Shalateen’s camel market, where traders from all over Egypt bargain for camel deals. They are an interesting people, and don't really comply with the rules of a normal citizenship; relocating from place to place and trading in absolutely everything; buying and selling locally made handicrafts such as jewelry, knives, and swords.
As in other Arab tribal traditions, the women consider their mouth to be one of their private parts, and always have it covered, as well as most of their body, even in 40+ degree heat. They wear colorful fabrics and craft many things out of beads such as wall hangings, veils and jewels. Women of the Rashida tribe make the silver jewelry.
In wedding celebrations men show off their warrior skills, staging sword fights. Tribesmen cheer around the two dueling swordsmen, waiting for their turn. The swordsmen dual fearlessly, clashing their swords in blazing speed while kicking dirt at their opponent’s face. In another part of the camp sheep and goats are slaughtered for the feast.
They love to have their picture taken and often crowd around for a photo.


Rashida child with colorful veil

Girl with lower face veil covering mouth

Selling traditional embroidery

Rashida men's traditional lavender turbine

Woman's beaded lower face veil

A rashida boy

Elder woman with henna dyed hair

Other Rashida men wear a white turbine

Some exhibit wild hair styles

Rashida child with colorful veil

Rashida are a colorful people

Children at tent
Habitation types

Camel hair fabric covers traditional tent

Inside a men's tent

Modern tents are covered with polyester

Rashida tents have distinctive proportions

Rugs are laid out on the tent in the sun

At the camp
Livelihoods-crafts- customs

Herding camels from Sudan

A man feeling for his blown off turbine

Rashida are accomplished camel riders

Bargaining for a camel deal

The camel market in shalteen

Each camel is marked by his owner

Resting in Shalateen camel market

The camel market in shalteen

Some now live in colorful wooden shacks

Silver ankle bracelet

Gabana (local coffee)pot stand

Traditional embroidery

Sword dance

Traditional ornate sword

Rashida man showing off his swords

Selling traditional crafts to tourists

Sword dance

Slaughtering sheep for the wedding feast
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